A Circuitous Path

Stand in front of a Judy Rand painting and you sense that you are not merely looking at it, you are entering it. “In almost everything I do, there’s a way to move into it or through it,” says Rand. — Read in FLUENT.

Winter: Time To Prepare for Spring

Seasons pass, and we enjoy the weather, the changing light, and activities that come with the seasons. But I prefer to look at the seasons in a different manner as well: how our bodies and minds relate to the seasons; in particular, as it is winter, how we resonate with this quiet, darker time. — Read in FLUENT.

Poetry: Ray Sibley

Ray Sibley is a teacher, farrier and knapper of traditional arrowheads who also breaks and trains horses. He holds a Doctorate in Performance Studies from Louisiana State University. Originally from northeastern Louisiana, he moved to Shepherdstown last year. — Read in FLUENT.


It was a beautiful spring day, perfect for walking. Walter left his desk and went outside. There were flowers in the parking lot. The wind normally took them all over, but today there was just a light breeze. He found it odd that he never saw the flowers in flight, only where they landed. It felt strange that he should miss this, especially when it happened so often, and he wondered if he spent too much time inside. — Read in FLUENT.

Coda: 50 Grit

Artist and professional house painter Chris Steffey created this art installation, “50 Grit,” at Shepherdstown, WV’s Town Run Tap House with everyday objects he’s saved for more than 10 years from his worksites — paint brushes, roller naps and paint lids. The title of the installation combines his age and the tooth of a sandpaper. — Read in FLUENT.