• Poetry : Lyn Lifshin

    Lyn Lifshin has published over 130 books and chapbooks, and her work is included in major anthologies of women writers.

  • Photography : Loss and Beauty

    Last summer, while teaching at the Pacific Northwest Art School, I was asked a great question . . . .

  • Showing Up, Moving On

    They happen each year, the annual Capstone Exhibits in the Department of Contemporary Art and Theater at Shepherd University in Shepherdstown, West Virginia.

  • Coda: Tunnel Vision

    The underpass that connects the east and west campuses of Shepherd University is being enhanced and transformed, from a convenience into an experience.

  • Seth Hill: Painting Paintings

    I learned a long time ago that great artists can paint anything: They can paint the figure, they can paint landscapes, they can paint abstract,” says Seth Hill.

Shepherd Receives Grant to Host Conference on Humanities and the Environment

Shepherd University’s Humanities and the 21st Century initiative received a $4,705 grant from the West Virginia Humanities Council to help organize a conference on humanities and the environment. The two-day conference, part of a new biyearly series, will take place October 26–27 at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s National Conservation Training Center near Shepherdstown, which is cosponsoring the event.
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