The Enigmatic TeMahoa Love



The art of TeMahoa Love is at once gentle and fierce, reflecting her deeply held belief in “the power and peace of the natural world and the profound value of our interactions with that world and with each other.” A mix of bold solid lines and whimsical details (especially in her black and white work) infuses her linocut prints with a subtle blend of East and West. Curved lines and elongated shapes, like Love’s vine tendrils and sinuous Italian greyhounds, call to mind Beardsley prints and elements of Art Nouveau. And the almost medieval folk style of her tiles reflect a traditional craftsmanship and simple forms like the Arts & Crafts movement. But in the end, TeMahoa Love’s art is all of this and none of this. Like her background—an exotic mix of Tahitian, English, Spanish, American—TeMahoa the woman and the artist simply defies categorization.

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