Seth Hill: Painting Paintings

“I learned a long time ago that great artists can paint anything: They can paint the figure, they can paint landscapes, they can paint abstract,” says Seth Hill. “I’m fine painting landscapes. I can accept that.”

There’s a sense that he is, perhaps, more comfortable with painter than artist.

“It’s probably more of an accident, really,” he says of becoming a painter. He liked to draw as a kid and took art classes in high school, where he did a few oil paintings and watercolors. But after graduation he earned an Associate degree in Wildlife Management that led him to an internship at a fish hatchery in Texas, where his interest in painting kept surfacing: “I was always thinking it’d be nice to go out and do a painting because it’s so pretty down there.”

Back in West Virginia, and thinking he needed a four-year degree in something, Hill went to Fairmont State for his Bachelor’s in graphic /  fine art. His choice was pure serendipity.

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