One-day writer’s retreat for women in Harpers Ferry on May 7

Poet and yoga teacher Alexa Mergen hosts a one-day writer’s retreat for women in Harpers Ferry on May 7 from 10 am to 4 pm.

The workshop combines gentle yoga-inspired movement and breath awareness practices with reading and discussion of American poets, including May Swenson, Genevieve Taggard, Lisel Mueller, Nikki Giovanni and more. Guided writing exercises allow you to feel your way into creativity.

Seasoned writers are surprised at what emerges when they bring body awareness to their writing. New writers are able to sidestep apprehension as they enter fluidly into the writing process.

“I think the value of yoga before poetry is that somehow it connects the body with the mind,” says a previous workshop participant.

The workshop includes writing prompts, time to write in quick bursts and at length, homemade vegetarian lunch, coffee and tea, nurturing attention, take-home tips for creativity habits, simple poses to relax and renew and a full round of follow-up comments on writing generated in the retreat.

Saturday, May 7, 2016, with Alexa Mergen, 10 am–4 pm, 1703 West Washington Street, Harpers Ferry. Class size limited to 6. Register by calling or texting 202-763-2351 or sending an email to


Alexa has led movement and writing workshops in California, Arizona and North Carolina. The concept originated in a community writing class in 2014. Her students have gone on to publish in journals and chapbooks. Alexa’s own poems appear in three chapbooks and numerous journals. She has been a teaching artist with California Poets in the School and Poetry Out Loud. Her essays and short stories are also widely published. Alexa holds a BA in English from UC-Berkeley and an MA from UC-Irvine, where she studied literary translation. For more information, please visit Yoga Stanza.