New Voice Play Festival – 2015

June 19 & 20 at 8 pm or June 21st at 2:30 pm

Each June this one-act play festival attracts some of the country’s most gifted new playwrights. See the works of four of the best plays submitted each year and get the unique opportunity to serve as a theatre critic and vote for your favorite entry.

Civilized Affairs
by Carl Williams – Houston, TX
Directed by Meaghan Berry
In this delicious comedy/drama an English Professor may need more than donuts to get out of this one! When his wife and his co-ed fling meet, it’s a battle of wits and sexual perception in a new age.

Kevin Tester as Hollis Hanes
Elizabeth Ricketts as Kristi
Christine Brewer as Evelyn Hanes

The Day After Christmas
by J.C. Svec – Clark, NJ
Directed by Rene Farabaugh
The holidays are a stressful time for a lot of relationships, the expectations, the perceptions. It’s no wonder that marriage counseling visits are a plenty during this time of year. Ms. Kingman, is one such marriage counsellor who does not have an affinity for Christmas in the first place. Her unexpected clients, Mr. and Mrs. Kringle, come for marriage counseling and challenge her perception of the Holidays and the Spirit of Christmas himself.

Amy Hebb as Elaine Kingman
Kelly Pannill as Allison
Dan Rice as Kris Kringle
Elizabeth Van Absher as Gloria Kringle

The Cloak Of The Supreme Champion Over All Others
by Charlie Perkins – Brunswick, MD
Directed by Lee Hebb
Have you ever wanted to be the ruler of the universe?  Billy and his friends battle each other to see who can become the conqueror over all. It is the final match of an annual board game tournament to determine this year’s winner and protector of a sacred cloak.

John-Michael Rolnick as Trevor
Adam Blackstock as Lucas
Chase Cox as Scott
Charlie Perkins as Billy
Katie Kennedy as Bonnie
Jenna Kennedy as Mom

A Subject Of Inquiry
By Carl Williams – Houston, TX
Directed by Ed Conn

High school Biology teacher Bryan Mitchell, is brought before the principal and school board when he is accused of presenting a lesson on Creationism during his Evolution lesson. A battle of ethics and intellectual freedom ensues. Which side will you stand on?

Robert Allen as Bryan Mitchell
Sarah Celec as Pat Lassiter
Ashley Snow as Jessica Franks
Tod Williams as Harold Donovan

Take your turn as a Theatre Critic!

Following each performance the audience will be asked to vote (by secret ballot) for their favorite play; ranking each play from their favorite to least favorite. Following Sunday’s performance on June 21st, all the ballots for the weekend will be counted and the winner of the 15th Annual New Voice Play Festival will be announced.

2015 New Voice Play Festival Judges

Christine Brewer, Ed Conn, Lee Hebb, Katie Kennedy, John-Michael Rolnick, Jim Whipple

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Fridays & Saturdays @ 8pm | $15.00 Adults
Sunday matinees @ 2:30pm | $15.00 Adults
Students $12.00 all performances (not recommended for children)