Making Connections: The Photography of David Rosen



He’s passionate about photographing architecture, and about taking pictures of things people connect with. “Buildings speak to us,” says David Rosen. “A good building tells a story to anyone.” Like this yellow church across the street from the White House—it’s one of his favorite photographs.

Rosen shoots with a Sony DSLR but says the best camera is “the one you have with you.” While his favorite time of year to shoot is spring—for the color—the picture he has sold the most is one he took in winter: “Panoramic Shepherdstown Street” (page 30).

Rosen has dabbled in different media; in college at UMBC, he studied graphic design as a way to get paid to do art. And he does, in a way, running the grants website at the National Institutes of Health. “It keeps Photoshop open on my desk,” he says, smiling. He also loves painting and drawing, “but I always come back to photography and digital art.”

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