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I have been studying and actively engaged in multimedia design and fabrication since I finished Corcoran School of Art in the 70s. After studying at Corcoran, I apprenticed in Lost Wax Casting for 2 years, and I have maintained my own bronze and silver foundry since 1972, as Sanders Design. I have taught jewelry classes for several years, and continue to offer instruction to others. I have space in both my jewelry classes.

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  1. Hi Bradley, I worked as an assistant for an artist, Lenore Winters, in the mid-80s when I was in high school. One summer I helped her with a side job, taking down one exhibit (toys from India, IIRC) at the Natural History Museum and putting up another on John Smithson, using the lost wax process in part of the work. I believe you may be the Bradley Sanders I worked for with Lenore. Are you he? This year my husband Alan and I moved to Shepherdstown and today I was looking for non-degree art classes locally (sculpture and life drawing) and came across this page. Honestly, I’m not looking to pursue jewelry making, but I would love to learn more about the local art scene. Do you have any suggestions for me in finding a local sculpture mentor? (I earned my BA in art long ago.) I would be most appreciative. Best, Marlene

  2. Hi Marlene,
    Yes, it is I. You should come by and say hi. You may well find my studios interesting. I retired two years and have been integrating all our shops into the studio (used to take the shops on the road). I have facilities for casting, sheet metal work, wood shop, steel shop, forge, and jewelry/small metal..
    We also have a Community space called the Timber Frame Folly where we have music, plays, kids events, weddings and such. This weekend (sunday afternoon, we have a GRILL-OFF and CD release party for a local band, the Gypsy Ramblers. I will have open studios that afternoon. Many of the artistic community will be there. You should bring your hubby and come by.
    When I retired, we dropped our telephone landline. My number is 304-283-8301. If you would like to look at my multimedia work, my website is http://www.bradleysandersart.com. My email is bradley@museumservices.com.
    Hope to see you,

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