Evan Boggess: Crashing Into Abstraction



Along one wall of Evan Boggess’s dining room, his current muses perch on small shelves — craggy mineral specimens stopping your gaze as you walk by. An established master of figure painting, Boggess describes his current work as “crashing into abstraction,” and credits graduate studies at the Hoffberger School of Painting at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in Baltimore for this new direction and career re-boot. “Graduate school has a way of figuring out what you’re good at and then telling you to do the exact opposite,” Boggess laughs.
With the more abstract experimentations, Boggess’s paintings push the properties of perception. “Even with the figures, I’m trying to break up spatial logic. Things that we recognize as occupying the same space in an intelligible, readable way — I like to flip that on its head, and lead you to a false sense of security with the space.”

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