Energy & Hue: The Art of Neal Martineau



Neal Martineau, the artist, in his Shepherdstown, West Virginia, studio. It’s unclear whether he’s a painter who writes or a writer who paints — he does them both well — but he titles his paintings with the creative twist of the Copywriter, Creative Director and VP he was during a long career in advertising, most of it in Manhattan. In his latest series of paintings, No. 1  is “Fantasy Tango.” Most likely, it’s not named in reference to the dance of color, movement and energy he takes you on through all 55 paintings in the series, but in retrospect, the name is so appropriate to that. Titles like “Will you ever dance with me again” and “Sliding down the razorblade of life” beg to be seen. And when you view them, don’t be surprised to hear your inner voice saying, “I can see that.” Martineau’s work will be on exhibit through December at the Devonshire Arms Cafe & Pub in Shepherdstown, and at Exhibitions Gallery in Martinsburg the month of January. View his work on his website:

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