Alex Podulke: About The Acting Life



If you missed seeing Alex Podulke in the riveting performance of “H2O” at last year’s CATF, you have the opportunity to see him at this year’s festival, in “Uncanny Valley.” It’s not the first time he’s played an other-human. In a conversation with FLUENT, he talks about acting, Shepherdstown, neuroscience, androids and more.

FLUENT: What first brought you to CATF?
PODULKE: I came to CATF not because of the audition but because of my relationship with Jon (Jon Jory, director of “H2O”). In slow motion, he’s trying to get as many “Jane Austen’s” to stage as he can, and the last three years he’s used me a lot.
We were doing “Sense & Sensibility” in St. Louis, Diane Mair (his co-star in “H2O”) was playing Ms Lucy Steele and I was playing Colonel Brandon. John asked us to do the first reading of “H2O,” and that’s how it started.

Photos by Seth Freeman

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