Holiday Exhibit at Lost Dog Coffee

The LOST DOG Coffee invites you to its holiday art exhibit featuring dynamic artists from the U.S., Russia and Ukraine. “Women in ART” will run through January 3.

“Women in ART” is, above all, about vibrant color, remarkable craftsmanship and a unique ability to see beauty in unusual places. It is also about women who are successful artists… about how women are portrayed in the arts… about connections women make and maintain across time and geographical borders. Yelena Lamm and Jane Oksana’s work will amaze you with exquisite style and grace. виктория девлыш’s intricate skill will make you fall in love with embroidery. Benita Keller and Tatiana Williams will filter the world through their poetic photographic lenses. Susan Carney will engage you with dynamic color and movement. Lyudmila Devlysh and Sasha Williams will tell a graceful story of femininity and strength. The show presents two mother-daughter collaborations (Viktoria/Lyudmila and Sasha/Tatiana), a strong Shepherd University link (Benita, Susan and Sasha), and an Eastern European powerhouse (Yelena, Oksana, Viktoria, Lyudmila and Sasha).

The Lost Dog Coffee is located on 134 E German St. in Shepherdstown, WV. Hours are 6:30 am to 6 pm on weekdays and 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekends. For additional information, please contact the Lost Dog Coffee, 304-876-0871. —Sasha Williams


Photo above, from left: Benita Keller, Sasha Williams, Lyudmila Devlysh, Yelena Lamm, Jane Oksana, виктория девлыш.

Photo: Mark Muse